Proven DMSO Reactions

Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) was commercially introduced by Gaylord Chemical’s predecessor, Crown Zellerbach in 1962. Gaylord Chemical has an extensive database containing over 22,000 references which documents the rich chemistry and diverse applications of DMSO. Electronic abstracts and hard copy documents are available for many of the references. Database searches may be conducted for customers as part of Gaylord Chemical’s technical service package. We would be happy to conduct a free search of the database for you. A database search on a specialized area of chemistry or a particular reaction may be the fastest way for you to explore a potential new application area for DMSO. What follows is an overview of the many types of reactions that may require DMSO or for which DMSO is the preferred solvent.

Proven DMSO Reactions


Dieckmann Condensation


Halex Reaction

SN2 Substitution

Swern Oxidation

Claisen Condensation

Electrophilic Addition

Ester Hydrolysis

Olefin Isomerization

SNAr Reaction

Wittig Reaction




Oxidation (SO3 – Pyridine)

Sulfur Ylide Reaction