Gaylord Chemical Ethics Policy


Gaylord Chemical Company, LLC ethical commitment to our employees, customers, suppliers, communities and our shareholders are a prime element in our Code of Business Ethics.

A third-party Ethics Hotline is available for all employees, customers, suppliers, community members and shareholders. Reports will remain anonymous and confidential to the extent practically and legally possible.


Ethics Hotline

Toll-Free Telephone: (833) 401-0002



Below is a summary of the company code of ethics. Click here to view the complete the Gaylord Chemical Code of Ethics.


  • To our employees, we are committed to maintain safe and healthy working conditions, to provide work opportunities, compensation, training, promotions, and other conditions of employment without regard to race, color, age, creed, sex, religion, disability or national origin or any other category protected by law and to take affirmative action as appropriate to ensure the meeting of these objectives. Our commitment includes fair employment practices, workplace safety, corporate ethics, and complying with wage and hour laws. Having safe working conditions includes our commitment to a drug-free/alcohol-free workplace as such substance usage can impair judgment and performance. We prohibit the illegal or unauthorized possession or use of drugs and alcohol on Company time, on Gaylord Chemical premises and worksites, or while otherwise working for Gaylord Chemical. Gaylord Chemical is committed to a work environment free of conduct that constitutes harassment (for further information, please refer to our Anti-Harassment Policy);
  • To our customers, we are committed to provide value through quality products and services which meet the needs and expectations of our customers, are delivered according to agreed schedules and conform to industry and government specifications and standards;
  • To our suppliers, we are committed to being a good customer. We emphasize fair competition, a sense of responsibility and long-lasting relationships;
  • To the communities in which we are located and to society as a whole, we are committed to responsible Company citizenship. We will conduct ourselves in a moral and ethical manner in all aspects of our business;
  • To our shareholders, in pursuit of our growth and earnings objectives, we are committed to keep ethical standards at the forefront of our activity and exercise prudent judgment in the use of Company resources.


For more information, you may reach out to Gaylord Chemical