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Photoresist Stripping

Dimethyl Sulfoxide has several functions in the electronics industry. DMSO exhibits excellent solubility for polymers typically used in microelectronic manufacturing as a complement to existing and common process of record (POR) solvents. The addition of DMSO as a cosolvent to an existing chemistry also improves solvency of polymers, while exhibiting excellent chemical stability.

DMSO EL-10 Grade  contains extremely low metals content and is widely recognized as the DMSO of choice for microelectronic applications where low metals content is critical.

Proven uses include:

  • IC / TFT-LCD resist stripping applications
  • Wafer level packaging PR strip
  • FEOL Cu post etch clean
  • TSV cleans
  • Wafer bonding adhesive removal
  • MEMs PR strip

The Standard in Safer Use Solvents:

  • Excellent safe alternative to more hazardous polar aprotic solvents such as NMP
  • Completely miscible in water
  • Naturally biodegradable
  • Essentially odorless
  • Manufactured in the USA
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Proven Safety and Performance


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Photoresist Stripping

TFT-LCD Manufacturing

In the photolithographic process used to pattern thin film transistors, DMSO is combined with ethanolamine and used as a powerful remover of bulk photoresist. Pure DMSO is also used in many fabrication shops as a rinse solvent, a thinner (for edge cleaning), and in the rework of color filters.

Semiconductor Devices

DMSO is used as a major component in bulk photoresist stripping formulations, and as an additive in specialized post-etch cleaning products and edge bead removers.

Solder Bump Patterning

As an alternative to wire bonding, a final wafer processing step produces solder bumps on the surface of a chip pad. DMSO is a useful component of stripping formulations needed to strip the photoresist which patterns the solder bumps in Flip Chip packaging technology.

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