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From fertilizers to pesticides, DMSO helps producers, formulators, and farmers safely and efficiently apply critical resources to farmland. As a powerful polar aprotic solvent, DMSO improves reaction rates in the synthesis of agrichemical actives and effectively dissolves these actives in highly concentrated formulations. This leads to greater application flexibility and efficiency. Whether using DMSO as an inert formulation ingredient or reaction solvent, agrichemical producers and formulators can count on Gaylord’s DMSO.

Effective. Safe. Sustainable. 

DMSO is biodegradable, non-toxic, and a proven alternative to other more hazardous polar aprotic solvents such as N-Methyl Pyrollidone (NMP). DMSO is an effective liquid formulation solvent for a range of active ingredients used in herbicide, insecticide, and fungicide formulations including propiconazole, pinoxaden, pyroxasulfone, metaconazole, imazethaphyr, imazamethabenz-methyl, trubupirimphos, cyfluthrin, glyphosate and imidacloprid. Single or combined active ingredient formulations have widely been formulated with DMSO.

Gaylord’s DMSO Industrial Grade is the recommended liquid solvent for the formulation of agricultural chemicals, while Gaylord’s DMSO Synthesis Grade is the preferred reaction solvent for the synthesis of agrichemical actives.

Powerful Solvent Properties

  • High Actives Loading allowing for High Concentration Formulations
  • Effective for highly insoluble active ingredients
  • Excellent alternative to more hazardous polar aprotic solvents
  • Completely miscible in water
  • Naturally biodegradable
  • Essentially Odorless
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Approved Uses


DMSO is approved for use as an inert ingredient (solvent, cosolvent) in pesticide formulations for pre-harvest applications, including post-emergence use (2022 update to EPA regulations). DMSO is exempt from the requirement of a tolerance under 40 CFR § 180.920.

Enhanced Nutrient Efficiency

DMSO is approved for use in all Enhanced Nutrient Efficiency and fertilizer additive applications. 

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