Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental, Health and Safety

Gaylord Chemical Company provides extensive product information to assist customers in safely handling and using our chemicals.

This includes information bulletins and Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Gaylord Chemical Company participated in the High Production Volume (HPV) Challenge Program. We did cooperate with the EPA to voluntarily gather data needed to understand and characterize the potential hazards of chemicals produced in the largest quantities.

Safety Data Sheets

All products shipped by Gaylord Chemical Company include a copy of the latest Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Product Safety


Gaylord Chemical Company produces chemicals that are often safer alternatives to other chemicals. Dimethyl Sulfoxide is recognized by the International Conference on Harmonization(ICH) of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use as a solvent with low toxic potential, Class 3.

As such, DMSO is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.


Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS) has much lower toxicity than other sulfiding agents in oil refineries.

The Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Amendment (SARA) of 1986, often called “Community Right to Know”, has several requirements for industrial facilities to report information about toxic chemicals handled at their facility to the public; this is done through various means and some state and local requirements may be more stringent than the Federal requirements.

One important Federal requirement is known as the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Report where facilities annually report emissions of certain particularly toxic chemicals.

NONE of the chemicals produced by Gaylord Chemical Company require reporting as a “TRI” compound. It is often an advantage to substitute DMS or DMSO in place of TRI chemicals to make a safer workplace and community.

Gaylord Safety 

Gaylord is commitment to its employees’ health and safety by maintaining a cross-functional safety committee to improve job conditions and identify potential health and safety hazards.

As of 2020, Gaylord has achieved nine (8) years, of continued operations since it’s last OSHA recordable incident.

In recognition of Gaylord’s safety milestone, the State of Alabama Department of Labor has awarded Gaylord with the Alabama Workplace Safety Award of Superior Achievement in October 2019 for the 8 years of continued operations without a recordable incident.