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Life Science

The health and safety profile of DMSO combined with its biodegradability make this versatile material an excellent choice within the Life Sciences. Our products are widely used throughout the industry, with applications in drug delivery, in analytical chemistry and compound storage.


Agricultural Chemicals 

The solvent properties of DMSO may allow high active ingredient loading levels, resulting in highly concentrated formulations.



DMSO is the most widely used medium for the cryopreservation of living cells and tissue. DMSO also plays a role in synthesis of proteins.


Flavors and Fragrances 

DMS is commonly used in the synthesis of flavor chemicals or as a flavor/fragrance enhancer.


Medical Devices

The solvent properties of DMSO make it a useful process aid and delivery agent for medical polymers.



DMSO is an important reaction solvent for the synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). DMSO itself has use as an API, in addition to the role it plays as an excipient.



DMSO is an outstanding improved temperature reaction solvent for various classes of herbicide and pesticides, including nitrophenyl ethers and imidazolidinones. The same properties make it useful in pharmaceutical API synthesis. Additionally, DMS is used as a reagent in synthesis of certain APIs.

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