The Pure Choice for Active Ingredient and Chemical Intermediate Synthesis


The Pure Choice for Active Ingredient and Chemical Intermediate Synthesis

DMSO Synthesis Grade is produced to an exacting quality standard specifically for the synthesis of chemical intermediates, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and agrochemical Active Ingredients (AI). DMSO Synthesis Grade simplifies the manufacturing process by contributing minimal process impurities, while providing a predictably low moisture level. It is the appropriate choice in any chemical synthesis where the purity of the finished compound is critical.

Choose DMSO Synthesis Grade to:

Manufacture the Finest Active Ingredients
A highly pure reaction solvent provides a simpler product impurity profile. This can reduce costs associated with impurity identification and make product purification easier.


Exploit the Power of DMSO
Dimethyl Sulfoxide is well known for its performance as a solvent in substitution reactions. Additionally, DMSO is the preferred solvent and or reagent choice in many mild and selective oxidations such as the Swern and Kornblum reactions.


Work Safety
Synthesis Grade DMSO is environmentally safe and completely biodegradable. Its low toxicity makes it an ideal replacement for more hazardous reaction solvents, such as DMF, NMP, and N,N-Dimethylacetamide.

Representation Specification

Representative Test Methods Values

Assay, (% Min. by GLC)


Total Organic Impurities (PPM Max.)


Water (% Max. by KF)


Titrable Acid, (Max. meq/g)


Evaporation Residue, (% Max.)


Color, (Max. APHA)


UV Absorbance Maximums, purged

   275 nm


   285 nm


   295 nm


This illustration does not constitute the specification. Specifications are available upon request.

DMSO Synthesis Grade at a Glance

Physical Properties Data

Density, at 25°C (77°F)


Boiling Point (atmos. pressure)


Viscosity @ 20°C (68°F)

2.14 cP

Refractive Index n20 D


Surface Tension @ 20°C (68°F)

 43 dynes/cm

Specific Heat @ 25°C (77°F)

 0.45 cal /g/ ̊C
 Heat of Vaporization @ 25°C (77°F)  162 cal/g
 Electrical Conductivity @ 20°C (68°F  3 x 10-8/ohm/cm
 Dielectric Constant @ 20°C (68°F)  48

Dipole Moment

4.3 D

Vapor Pressure @ 25°C (77°F)

 0.6 mm Hg


Soluble in water, light alcohols and diethyl either.


CAS: 67-68-5

EINECS: 200-664-3

HMIS and NFPA Hazard Ratings:  Health – 1, Flammability – 1, Chemical Reactivity – 0


Drums : 500 pound HDPE

IBC : 2,450 pound non-returnable

Bulk : ISO Container and Tank Truck

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