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Photoresist Stripping

DMSO EL 10 Grade has several functions in the electronics industry. This DMSO product has extremely low metals content and is an  essential component in photoresist stripping products during the manufacture of semiconductor devices and TFT-LCD displays.



TFT-LCD manufacturing
In the photolithographic process used to pattern thin film transistors, DMSO is combined with ethanolamine and used as a powerful remover of bulk photoresist. Pure DMSO is also used in many fabrication shops as a rinse solvent, a thinner (for edge cleaning), and in the rework of color filters.


Semiconductor devices
DMSO is used as a major component in bulk photoresist stripping formulations, and as an additive in specialized post-etch cleaning products and edge bead removers.


Solder Bump Patterning
As an alternative to wire bonding, a final wafer processing step produces solder bumps on the surface of a chip pad. DMSO is a useful component of stripping formulations needed to strip the photoresist which patterns the solder bumps in Flip Chip packaging technology.

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