Dialkyl Sulfoxide Synthesis

There are, of course, many ways to go about this reaction. Hydrogen peroxide in the presence of a Lewis acid (1), Caro’s acid (2), and NaIO4 (3) are a few examples. At industrial scale DMSO is manufactured using a catalytic NO2 / O2 system, but this is difficult to manage in the lab. Although many of these reaction conditions are high- yielding and selective, most published procedures have drawbacks.

These may include:

  •  long reaction times (NaIO4)
  • cost (Magnesium Monoperoxyphthalate)
  •  and safety (Potassium Peroxymonosulfate, sodium percarbonate, vanadium (V) oxide)  (4,5).

The selective oxidation of sulfides to sulfoxides is commercially relevant in the case of


Large scale sulfide oxidation: Prevacid ® (Lansoprazole)

Takeda’s proton pump inhibitor Prevacid® (Lansoprazole). The final step requires the oxidation of Lansoprazole sulfide, and a thoughtful analysis of oxidants appropriate for use on a manufacturing scale was recently published (5).

In our case, we decided to evaluate three options, all of which used a form of ‘activated’ hydrogen peroxide.

The reagents were prepared to test:

  •  a variation of the Payne reaction (acetonitrile / H2O2)  (4)
  • A TMSCl-promoted oxidation (6)
  • an interesting PVP-supported hydroperoxide oxidation reagent (7)


Artie McKim.



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