DMSO ACS Reagent Grade – The Perfect Choice for the Laboratory


DMSO ACS Reagent Grade is Dimethyl Sulfoxide that conforms to the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) 9th Edition Specifications for Reagent Chemicals. It meets requirements for general solvent use and is adequate for many basic applications.

Key Applications

DMSO ACS Reagent Grade may be used as a solvent for non-spectrophotometric methods of analysis. DMSO is miscible with water in all proportions, and is a useful solvent for gas chromatography. Ideally, analytical applications wherein UV absorption is not critical.

Gaylord Chemical is a manufacturer of Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS) and Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) Product Grades headquartered in Slidell, LA. Our products are manufactured and shipped from our location in Tuscaloosa, AL.


DMSO ACS Reagent Grade Product Sheet

DMSO Safety Data Sheet


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