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Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) is a versatile dipolar aprotic solvent that offers distinct advantages in the synthesis of specific compound classes. It plays an important role as both a reactant and a reaction solvent in these chemical products.

Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS) also plays a role in synthesis, both as a solvent and as a reducing agent. Alkylated derivatives of DMS are useful epoxidation reagents. Many organic reactions utilize a borane-Dimethyl Sulfide complex.


Agricultural Synthesis 

DMSO is the preferred solvent for the synthesis of dinitrophenyl ether and imidazolidinone herbicides.


Performance Chemical Synthesis

The use of DMSO includes property-enhancing additives in diverse applications.


Pharmaceutical API/Intermediate Synthesis

DMSO is cited in the synthesis of over 700 pharmaceutical products in various clinical trial stages. Learn more about some specific pharmacological drug classes which benefit from the use of DMSO in manufacturing.


Polymer Synthesis

The solvent properties of DMSO are important in the synthesis of chemically resistant polymers and engineering resins.

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