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Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS) is primarily used in the petrochemical industry as a sulfidation agent in the steamcracking process to make olefins like ethylene and propylene.  Gaylord Chemical is an on-purpose manufacturer of DMS and produces the highest quality DMS available on the market today.  Other unique and niche applications in this industry also benefit from DMS.


Aromatic Extraction

DMSO has an unusual affinity for aromatic hydrocarbons over aliphatic hydrocarbons. This allows their use as extractants for BTX (benzene/toluene/xylenes) and other aromatics from mixture also containing aliphatic hydrocarbons.


Ethylene Production

Olefin furnace run length is prolonged and carbon monoxide (CO) levels are controlled when treated with DMS.


Gas Odorant

DMS has an advantage over odorants like methyl mercaptan in that it is very chemically stable. Mercaptan odorants oxidize over time, and the ability to smell their presence diminishes.


Iron Ore Reduction

The service lifetime of furnace tubes used to produce iron is prolonged when treated with DMSO and DMS.

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