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DMSO Aerospace Applications


Gaylord Chemical  has developed data showing the utility of DMSO solvent blends in removing a wide spectrum of surface finishes and primer coatings including Epoxies, Polyurethanes and Polyesters. The stringent performance requirements for aerospace top coatings and primer systems (weatherability, UV resistance, corrosion protection) create a challenging environment for those who must remove these coatings. Blends utilizing Gaylord Chemical’s DMSO help you effectively remove these durable finishes, without harming the surface.

solvent cleaner: dmso aerospace applications

Use DMSO-based Formulations to:


• Meet Military Specifications
• Increase Speed of removal
• Accomplish Complete removal
• Maximize Shelf life
• Deliver Low Corrosion potential
• Lower Risk potential
• Lower environmental Impact
• Minimize Risk to surface


Solvent vs. Polyurethane Residue

Hansen Solubility Parameter Methods provide a rational guideline for formulation development. Measurements made using a standard 33 solvent set show that aircraft strippers have a limited degree of formulation latitude, and only the solvents shown in the circle on the chart were effective at swelling/ dissolving important aerospace coatings.

DMSO aerospace applications: hydrogen bonding vs. polar parameter

Federal Specification TT-R-2918 Test Panels

Formulation Polysulfide Sealant Waterborne Epoxy Primer Solvent borne Epoxy Primer Flexible Primer

63% DMSO, 33% DBE, 5% formic acid

 (Lifts)  (Lifts)

45% DMSO, 45% NMP, 10% acetone

32% DMSO, 32% NMP, 32% DMF

 (no MEA/surfactant)  (Fast -Lifts)

31% DMSO, 31% NMP, 31% DMF, 5 parts formic acid

  (Fast -Lifts)   (Fast -Lifts)   (Fast -Lifts)

Comparison Formulations

Control: 14% NH3, 56% BnzAlc., 14% Surf., 7% MEA, 7.5% water

Peroxide: 90% BnzAlc, 10% 50% H2O2, 1% Surf

 (Slow on Primer)  (Fast -Lifts)    (Fast -Lifts)

Solvent Based: Pyrroles, aMides, Alcohols, Hydrocarbon

 (Slow on Primer)  (Fast -Lifts) 

DMSO can be effectively formulated in mixtures activated with acids, bases, and other solvents. Testing shows that DMSO based products out perform several types of control formulations, including the control sample given in federal specification TT-R-2918, a commercially available benzyl alcohol/peroxide based product, and another type of solvent based system.

The information in this bulletin is based on information available to us and on our observations and experiences. However, no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of this data, the results to be obtained from the use thereof, or that any use will not infringe any patent. Each user must establish appropriate procedures for off-loading, handling, and use of the product(s). Since conditions for use are beyond our control, we will make no guarantee of results, and assume no liability for damages incurred by off-loading, handling, or use of the product(s). Nothing herein constitutes permission, or recommendation to practice any invention covered by any patent without license from the owner of the patent.

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