Synthesis Corner

Visible-Light-Mediated Synthesis of γ-Ketoesters in DMSO

γ-Ketoesters are common synthetic building blocks. Therefore, diverse synthetic methods have been developed to prepare these compounds. Recently, the Liu group reported a visible-light-mediated method, using compact fluorescent light (CFL), where the oxidative coupling of readily available vinylarenes and bromocarboxylates, followed by a Kornblum-type oxidation in DMSO, furnishes the desired γ-ketoester (equation in Table 1, […]

Dichlorocyclopropene Activation of DMSO for Swern Type Oxidations

Oxidations of primary alcohols using activated DMSO to produce aldehydes are important reactions. Oxalyl chloride is a common activator for DMSO (Swern oxidation) and has been widely used. However, oxalyl chloride has some drawbacks in that it is volatile and toxic. Additionally, the oxalyl chloride/DMSO pair must be kept cold (less than –60 °C) to […]


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