Product Overview

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DMSO Overview Learn more about the physical and chemical properties of DMSO.
DMSO Solubility Data Learn more about the solubility characteristics of DMSO with APIs, organic materials, resins, polymers and inorganic materials.
DMS Overview Learn more about the physical and chemical properties of DMS.


Handling, Health and Safety

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Working with DMSO Every chemical is different and there are useful things to know when handling DMSO in an industrial setting. Learn about handling DMSO in cold climates.
DMSO Health & Safety Discover more about DMSO properties, human & animal effects and approved medical uses.
Drying of DMSO Learn how to dry DMSO in your laboratory.
Recovery, Engineering and Environmental  Learn more about basic engineering components and materials for construction and recovery.


Product Sheets

Product Description
DMSO ACS Reagent Grade Conforms to the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) 9th Edition specifications for reagent chemicals. It meets requirements for general solvent use and is adequate for many basic applications.
DMSO ACS Spectrophotometric Grade Conforms to the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) 9th Edition specifications for reagent chemicals. In addition to the normal parameters related to purity, this monograph specifies maximum UV absorbance at five wavelengths. This grade is the preferred solvent for any form of UV spectrophotometric analysis due to its guaranteed analytical clarity.
DMSO Anhydrous Grade Extremely low moisture content that is produced under exacting manufacturing conditions to insure dryness.
DMSO EL-10 Grade Elimination of metallic impurities is critical in avoidance of conductivity and corrosion in the electronic industry. This product grade has very low metallic ion levels.
DMSO Industrial Grade A technical grade that is suitable formulations such as those for agrichemical, cleaning and paint stripping applications.
Procipient® (Dimethyl Sulfoxide USP, Ph. Eur.) Grade Suitable for Healthcare and Drug Delivery applications.  This product grade is manufactured under cGMP conditions in compliance with API guidelines.
 DMSO Synthesis Grade Produced to an exacting quality standard specifically for the synthesis of chemical intermediates, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Agrochemical Active Ingredients.
 DMS Exact-S® Grade Used as a sulfidation agent for ethylene manufacturers.  Effectively regulates carbon monoxide (CO) generation during steamcracking and helps to control the formation of coke in the furnace.



Application Description
Paint Stripping DMSO offers a unique combination of low toxicity and high solvent strength making it an ideal solvent for stripping paint from a variety of surfaces.  It is the best alternative to solvents rated hazardous such as methylene chloride and NMP (N-methylpyrrolidone)
Polyurethane Cleanup DMSO’s performance, combined with its formulation versatility and safety profile, make it an excellent choice for polyurethane flush and clean-up.
Microelectronics As the electronics industry continues to create new technologies, serious challenges exist in their efforts to improve cleaning, comply with safety regulations and to reduce cost.  DMSO is a key solution to helping this industry meet their objectives.
Catalyst Sulfiding The alternative sources of sulfur are discussed including features and benefits of DMS and DMSO compared to alternative sources.


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