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Please enjoy these blogs which can provide a broad range technical discussions on using DMS and DMSO.

Acid Promoted Coupling of Methyl Ketones with DMSO

Organosulfur compounds are common in the pharmaceutical industry.  Recent reports estimate that in 2012 about 20% of all pharmaceuticals were ...
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DMSO as a one-carbon source in the metal-free synthesis of quinolines

Recently, Tiwari’s group reported a transition-metal-free construction of 3-ketoquinolines from readily-available acetophenones and anthranils (Equation 1).1 This method employs DMSO ...
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Visible Light Promoted Synthesis of Indoles in DMSO

Visible light promoted reactions using photosensitizers are rapidly being developed.1 These reactions use visible light as a renewable energy source ...
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Direct Conversion of Haloarenes to Phenols with Acetohydroxamic acid in DMSO

Phenols are widely used in synthetic schemes, and they occur in many natural products and medicinally-useful compounds.  Nevertheless, there are ...
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DMSO/I2 Catalysis of para C-C- Bond Coupling of Phenols and Acetophenones

The list of useful, high-yielding, environmentally-friendly, and inexpensive reactions catalyzed by DMSO/I2 continues to grow (for previous examples, see Synthesis ...
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DMSO as Formyl Source in Iron(III)-Catalyzed Reaction

The development of methods to functionalize imidazo[1,2-α]pyridines is an area of interest due to the frequency of this structural unit ...
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