Gaylord Chemical Company LLC was created in a management buyout of Gaylord Chemical Corporation, effective September 1, 2007. In 1962, Crown Zellerbach began an aggressive and comprehensive research program into the manufacture of Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS), Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) and other chemicals. The results of this extensive work would later give Gaylord Chemical Corporation an astounding depth of knowledge about these products.

The assets of Crown Zellerbach were sold in 1986 and Gaylord Container Corporation was formed from part of the assets. In 1988 Gaylord Chemical Corporation was formed as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Ownership of the company transferred to Temple Inland Inc. (TIN – NYSE) in 2002, and to the current ownership in 2007. Today, Gaylord Chemical Company LLC continues to manufacture Dimethyl Sulfide and Dimethyl Sulfoxide and seeks additional products to add to the portfolio, such as derivatives.

Gaylord Chemical Company LLC is the world’s largest and oldest producer of DMS and DMSO. Gaylord Chemical Company LLC prides itself in delivering not only quality product, but also world-class customer service. Since Gaylord Chemical Company LLC manufactures a small number of products, the entire organization is focused on these products and the customers that use them.