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October 24 – 26, 2017

CPhI WorldWide – Frankfurt, Germany

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November 12 – 15, 2017

AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition – San Diego, CA

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Direct Conversion of Haloarenes to Phenols with Acetohydroxamic acid in DMSO

Phenols are widely used in synthetic schemes, and they occur in many natural products and medicinally-useful compounds.  Nevertheless, there are ...
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DMSO/I2 Catalysis of para C-C- Bond Coupling of Phenols and Acetophenones

The list of useful, high-yielding, environmentally-friendly, and inexpensive reactions catalyzed by DMSO/I2 continues to grow (for previous examples, see Synthesis ...
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DMSO as Formyl Source in Iron(III)-Catalyzed Reaction

The development of methods to functionalize imidazo[1,2-α]pyridines is an area of interest due to the frequency of this structural unit ...
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A New Chemoselective Oxidation Using DMSO

Ravikumar and coworkers have developed a new chemoselective oxidation method using DMSO as the oxidant.1  Unlike other classical oxidation methods ...
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Oxidative Aromatization to Produce meta-Substituted Phenols: A DMSO/I2 Approach

A recent Synthesis Corner post (March, 2017, “DMSO/I2 Catalyzed Synthesis of Catechols from Cyclohexanones”) reviewed work where cyclohexanones acted as ...
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DMSO/I2 Catalyzed Synthesis of Catechols from Cyclohexanones

Jiao, et al., have recently reported an attractive method to make substituted catechols from cyclohexanones using the simple, mild, metal-free ...
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